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Lies Jane Austen Told Me

by Julie L. Rowse


Unmarried, childless, and in her 40s, Julie Rowse is an anomaly in her faith tradition. In her memoir, she reflects on the expectations of dating and marriage bestowed upon her by her faith and popular culture. Rowse offers readers a glimpse of the tension that a single Latter Day Saints woman tries to manage, as she chooses to continue living her faith despite being outside the  norm of LDS culture. Relying on the works of Jane Austen, John Hughes, and Cameron Crowe, she draws parallels between the pantheon of romantic comedy writers and her own relationships.

"When I read, I read to be entertained, to think, and to feel. Rowse accomplishes the first two in this book, but shines the brightest at the third. We all have an overwhelming need for connection and Rowse's struggles are our own. This book's ability to bridge the divide between merely telling the story to the reader and truly harmonizing with the reader's life is nothing short of wonderful.”


                - David S. Atkinson, author of

           Bones Buried in the Dirt and The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes



by Jeremy Johnson


Vessels explores man's hubris, man's desire for more, and man's ultimate and unwilling sacrifices in the name of science.



The Adventures of Braxton Revere

by Jeremy Morong


This isn’t a book about vampires falling in love, or sparkling in the sunlight, or nothing like that. This is a book about a man who hunts and kills vampires. Braxton Revere is the greatest hunter of them all and he seeks the worst vampire of all: Ralugard, a tyrant that has haunted the Revere family for centuries. Braxton will be challenged along the way, meeting new friends and new enemies, tested in unimaginable ways, and ending only when Ralugard dies; or Braxton himself.

“Morong delivers. His voice is strong. His point is clear. Though this is an adventure/journey story on par with some of the best pulp I've read, with twists and turns, talking skulls, witches, vampires, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night, that isn't all there is to this tale. There is something about friendship and camaraderie that can't be denied. There is something about acceptance and family. There is something good.”


- AE Stueve, author of  The ABCs of Dinkology series


The ABCs of Dinkology: Time In-Between

by A.E. Stueve


It's been a few weeks since Max Dinkman learned about his now ex-girlfriend's preferences and his dad's condition. He's not taking it well. Luckily, his dad's dog, Moses, is here to help. Join Max and Moses as they deal with a life turned upside down in the continuing story that mixes comic book art with prose, poetry, footnotes, trading cards, and an unofficial soundtrack!

“Max Dinkman’s favorite shirt may be emblazoned with the word LOSER, but he’s the kind of loser you want to hang out with: smart, observant, sensitive, a superhero in disguise. Okay, deep disguise. Mixing comic books and pop culture with timeless literary questions--Why must the people I love die? How should I live? How can I get laid?--AE Stueve has once again created a gripping and powerful story, in art and words. Just the sort of thing Max Dinkman might do once he gets his shit together.”


              - Amy Hassinger, author of

             Nina Adolescence and The Priest’s Madonna

The ABCs of Dinkology: Life

by A.E. Stueve


In 1999 Max Dinkman is cruising through life without a care in the world. He is 17. He is going to graduate soon. He doesn't know what he's going to do after that and he doesn't care. As long as he has his comic books, his weed, his fantasies driven by a combination of the two, and his girlfriend, he's content. Then his girlfriend gives him some disturbing news. Then his dad follows it up with some more. Then Max isn't so sure about anything. Follow his adventures in the first volume of a five volume series that mixes comic book art with prose, poetry, footnotes, trading cards, and an unofficial soundtrack!

“AE Stueve’s novel isn’t a novel at all. It is a tour de force of creativity, a combination of comic book, character biographies, scholarly footnotes collection, soundtrack extraordinaire and laugh-out-loud-sit-down-and-cry-damn good story. Combining his writing talents with Chris Smith’s considerable artistic talents is sure to produce a classic. Save your first edition copy, it is bound to be a collectable.”


         - Karen Gettert Shoemaker, author of

         Night Sounds and Other Stories and The Meaning of Names

The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

by David S. Atkinson


Don’t you hate it when you may (or may not) be trapped endlessly in a Village Inn with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, coincidentally your ex-best friend? That’s the kind of day Cassandra is having. In a homogenized world that is left mostly empty so everyone can feel comfortable, The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes explores the fictions we tell  ourselves and the fictions we tell ourselves about the fictions we tell ourselves. See the trailer on EAB Publishing's YouTube page.

“Disturbing and funny throughout, The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes will furrow your brow, tease odd “Hmmph” noises out of you while you read, and invite you to never look at a diner booth the same. Ever again. An odd little book—in the best way—and one I couldn’t put down. It just wouldn’t let me go.”


            - Timothy Black, author of Connecticut Shade