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EAB Publishing is an Omaha-based publisher of fine works. EAB Publishing produces a quarterly literary magazine, Midnight Circus, and novels in various genres.


What is ‘mixed-media?’

For EAB Publishing’s intents and purposes, ‘mixed-media’ is any form of literature that also utilizes art in some capacity. The art is, of course, up to the writer submitting. We will look at comic books, ekphrastic writing, and any other form that comes our way (as long the artist is actually involved in the creation of the piece and it has not been stolen.




Can you please explain what you mean by ‘gratuitous violence that serves no literary purpose?’

All this means is that EAB Publishing is not looking to get into the horrorcore or grindhouse realm. EAB Publishing understands there is a time and place for such works. It is not now and it is not here. So, if your story, poem, graphic novel, etc. has violence in it, make sure that violence is there to serve a literary purpose, not simply to be violence.




What’s your definition of ‘explicitly sexual content?’

Think porn films and erotica novels. We don’t want them.




What is a ‘damn good reason’ for having gratuitous violence and/or explicitly sexual content?

We’re not sure. This is something that can be examined on a case-by-case basis. Each story is different and the amount of sex and violence that can be presented in a literary manner in each story is hard to gage without actually reading said story. If you have a question, feel free to ask as before submitting. Just remember to type QUESTION into the subject line of your email.




What is fan fiction?

Fan fiction is a story that takes place in a world you did not create with characters you did not create. Limited to public domain.




Can you please explain the various document forms you accept?

Yes we can! We will accept .docx documents, which can be created on most word processing programs (even Google Drive!). So can .doc, .rtf, and .pdf documents. Though, to be honest, we prefer .docx and .docs. You can save your documents in most word processing programs in various ways by pressing ‘save as’ instead of ‘save.’


I'd like to review an EAB Publishing title. How do I go about that?

We'd love to hear from potential reviewers. Please use the contact form below to submit your inquiry.

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